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How To Connect With Your Potential Customer!


The online community has gone crazy!

What with building culture through social media, subscriber engagement, marketing, sales phew yes, a lot of work!

Let me help you!

Here’s what I can do for you to reduce your workload and increase your productivity and sales.

Because knowing what to write on your web pages… well… makes all the difference to your conversion!


Social Media Passion

“This is why I LOVE social media! It’s truly another form of connection for me. Our amazing practice member and creator of our website, Patricia Ogilvie, has been a tremendous help in all of this for us. She’s really taught me that in order to fulfill our requirements of our vision (the WHAT) our purpose (the WHY) and our mission (the HOW), then I have to get really good at this form of connection. It’s how the world works now. It’s how people connect with one another. And what I love about it is the thrill, the excitement, and the possibility of meeting, inspiring and connecting with more people every day. — Dr. Karen Osburn

E-book Edit Satisfaction

“I am delighted with the proofreading service Patricia provided for my book. She delivered far beyond my expectations and the project was delivered ahead of schedule. She has a lovely warm manner and it was a pleasure doing business. In terms of my book I never appreciated the difference it would make. One very happy client. Thank you.” – Kelly Niven

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Patricia offers the following services:


Gold Star Online Copy Writing & Editing Services GoldStar Opt In Offer Special 

An 8-10 page Free Opt In Offer for your lead generation

Write four Autoresponder series of emails for the Free Opt In Offer

All, ready made for you on your WordPress Blog

Now you can direct traffic to your WordPress blog, build a list, start blogging consistently, engage with your clients.

Contact me here and let’s put a plan of action together for your success. (average costs for e-book: $557 – $897 depending on length) (average costs for 4 emails $297)


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — de Saint Exupery

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Trouble Shooting Plugin and Style Issues on your WordPress Website - Ready to clear up those plugin and style issues on your wordpress website?  Sometimes all it takes is a discerning eye to find the troublesome plugin or reactivate another one that has stalled.  Well, anyway, you don’t need to hear the technical aspect, just get the issues resolved, plugins working, and website engagement going strong!  My rate is $77 per hour however, if your issues take longer, we can definitely refine our working agreement!  Contact me here and let’s find out what troubles your online presence.

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Research for Book & E-book Creation – Perhaps one of the most powerful tools in any small business engagement arsenal…  A local Chiropractor recently reported that after after tips and ideas in a free ebook, coming from a “real” voice, her client engagement went up 75 percent!  E-books can be extened and converted into your own book – you now become an authority AND an author!  Contact me here and let’s find out how I (an author of 7 books, one of which is #3 on Amazon best selling list!) I can help you create the content your audience is eager for! An e-book can be anything from 8 – pages, upwards to 200 plus! With over 8 years of writing copy, the evidence shows that the only way to communicate with clients was to offer them something of value!

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

WordPress Web Copy/Site Optimization – One of the biggest challenges for any small business is getting traffic to its website. But once the traffic is there, is it converting the way you want it to? I can help with a complete site audit and help you optimize your website for maximum conversions. As well, this can include rewriting individual web pages, along with doing on-page search-engine optimization (SEO).  In fact, with a wordpress website, the optimization is almost transparent and apparent!  Google loves wordpress!  You will be on the front page of search engines almost in moments of releasing a blog or page post! My rate is $77 per hour.  Contact me here and let’s find out how to get your website on page one of Google.

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Business Coaching – Discover yourself! You want to know in your heart how to build your business online, interact with your customers in social media environments AND release resistance to all the stuff around being in business for yourself! You wish you were already creating a fulfilling financial future! Well, there’s a key component here that most people miss. And that is mind chatter and the willingness to dissolve self-sabotaging beliefs and habits. As a business coach and mentor, you could tap into those pesky issues and move forward with confidence and a winning attitude!
For details and which program suits your current needs, click here.

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Writing Email and Autoresponders – In today’s skeptical marketplace, developing relationships with your prospects is crucial. That’s why staying in touch on a regular basis is perhaps one of the best (and cost-effective) ways to do just that. I help set up your autoresponder series and offer tips how to engage. If you’re ready to start seeing better results from your content marketing efforts, you need to communicate with your customer. It is through email and auto responders that you will build rapport and larger lists!

Line Online Copy Writing & Editing Services

Proofreading and Editing Services -
A. Proofreading Package:

For proofreading – content is reviewed for grammatical and spelling correctness only. Regular proofreading fee:  $125 per 10,000 words (Full fee required in advance)

… or B. Full Editing Package:
For copy editing – content is reviewed for grammatical and spelling correctness AND content edited for comprehension and greater readability.  Editing could offer restructure of idea flow to ensure content is readable and understandable.  Suggestions could be made for layout, illustration, formatting and font type. Suggestions could also be made for Table of contents and cover.  For example, normally, 25,000 words = 350 words per page = 70 pages  x  $15 per page = $1050 US fee.  (50% deposit required in advance, balance upon completion) 

Revisions will be submitted within 30 days of receipt of final edited copy; 3 rewrites included as part of this proposed contract.  *** Editing isn’t always painless. After all, you are submitting your work for a critique. I always seek to offer honest, but constructive criticism. I always look for the positive attributes in your work, as well as the parts of your content that need strengthening. I want to consider the work as a whole and I take your work as seriously as you do. After the editing is complete, you will receive your Word document with editing changes in “track changes” mode, so you can have the option of incorporating them into your work or deleting them if you choose. 

What could be easier on your time and pocketbook?

The onset of social media, blogging, mobile culture, and how to speak to people and still get them to respond and connect with you on your website! Now that could be befuddling!

Are you struggling to pull all this together?

Are you pulling your hair out to sell your direct sales product or service?

Sick of trying to close a sale only to be rejected over and over again? This could be your answer!

Are you wondering how to connect your blog, email and social media together?

How about writing blog posts, emails and using social media like Facebook and Twitter to connect with clients? Overwhelming you?

Let me help you

•    create messages that populate your followers on Facebook and Twitter
•    build rapport and connection
•    help you keep the engagement

Ultimately make it seamlessly easy for your clients and you to flow from one channel to the other. No disconnect, same message but different platforms.

P.S. E-books and auto responders are so fun to write! But not for everyone! So don’t sweat it if it’s a challenge. Let me help you! It’s about building relationships utilizing the fine-art of conversational copy. Then all you have to do is make great money for yourself! It’s such a win win!  Final docs sent in Word Document to you.

P.P.S Got questions? Email me to info [at] patriciaogilvie[dot]com or just go here and write my a note to say – “Patricia, let’s get this done!!”

P.P.S.  Check out more coaching services here!   If you’re facing a marketing challenge, a website issue, or in despair about how to handle all the mobile culture changes and social media that you’d like to solve (and in the process find better and more cost-effective ways to generate more leads and boost your bottom line), fill out the form here on my contact me page now. I will get back to you within 2 days, I promise!