the dash poem

by Patricia Ogilvie on March 19, 2012

The Dash Poem

My momma went into the hospital last night. 

We think it's aspirated pneumonia and with the loving care of the staff in the hospital, some anti-biotic drip, she will recover and be her ole self again!

Normally, I take these hospital emergency stop overs of hers with confidence and hope.

This time, it got me thinking a bit deeper.

Have you read, Linda Ellis's "The Dash"? It's a poem that captures some simple truths about our relationships and life journeys.

The Dash is that little character between the birth date – the death date and if it could speak, would tell a long and incredible tale of the life between those two important years.

I started to think about my own mother's dash – although she is not gone yet, she had a tremendous effect on me, my siblings and all the people around her.

I have a dash.

You have a dash.

Are we respecting it? Are we adding splendor to it? Are we making a difference?  My momma is!

So what is your dash?  Could you explain it in a sentence, paragraph, or would you need volumes and volumes to share what your life has been?

We know, life is too short and we never know how much time we have to spend with the people we love and value in our lives, or even in the activities we enjoy.

Many of us have family and friends living all over the country, or even further, and we can’t always travel to visit the people we love and cherish but we need not lose touch.

When was the last time you cuddled up in a cozy spot and settled in for a great phone conversation?

Or said hello and I value you to someone recently?

This is about being personal.

Working women who caregive, in my opinion, have it worst!  Many times our personal relationships are our greatest support in building and continuing to develop and grow your business. Do we take them for granted or add more value into them?

Have you connected with whom you cherish in your life? Where do you find time for it? Where is the craziest place you’ve had a really great in-person or phone conversation with friends or family?

Here's the poem, "The Dash".

Enjoy and please do share with me your favorite Dash moment on Facebook.  And please do comment below.  Would love to hear your DASH!

Great job today!

Patricia Ogilvie

P.S. Please do grab a Free copy of "How to Find Your Calm Confidence in Yourself & Work" by yours truly. Enjoy and let me know what area you think needs a notch up! Have a wonderful day and great job!

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